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Stout Auctions is committed to making the catalog and online bidding a better experience for you- our valued customers.

With that in mind, beginning with the December 1st auction and moving forward from that date a new bidding system will be in place. The plus side is that the photos are about twice the resolution as before and the platform is much more stable than the previous bidding system. The down side is that everyone will need to register again with their bidder information. Bidders will be able to use the information for ALL auctions moving forward, so you will only need to do this once.

Also, please make sure to read the terms and conditions for the auctions as we have changed quite a few items in our terms. Thank you and happy bidding!

December 1st, 2014 Williamsport, IN:

(click here to view online catalog and bidding) (Click here to download a PDF text only catalog listing)

Stout Auctions is proud to present our first MONDAY sale. This sale will start at the normal time of 10 AM Eastern, and will be available to view live on This sale will be a majority HO, but will we also mix in some O gauge, and O scale brass trains.

The HO trains in this sale will consist of both European and American trains. European manufactures will include Marklin, Trix, Hornby, Jeouf, Kleinbahn, Lima, Hammo, and others. Highlights of the European HO include a Marklin ST 800 set, plenty of passenger cars, 3462 Marklin Alaska F-3 set, Tenshodo brass Southern Pacific, Liliput 1545 2-10-2 steam locomotive and large groups of Marklin accessories including Catenary, track, and switches.

Also included for the toy collector in this sale will be a few wonderful lots of Wiking vehicles, many vintages and still in original boxes.

American HO in this sale will include locomotives from Broadway Limited, MTH, Proto 2000, and more. The focus of the American HO will be on the New York Central Railroad. Almost all of the higher end steam engines are New York Central. There will be a wide selection of locomotives including Hudsons, Mohawks, and other road engines. There will also be complete passenger sets, rolling stock, Kato track, DCC controllers, and more. We will also have another selection of Fine Scale Miniatures craftsman kits and other accessories.

O gauge and O scale will also be represented in this auction. The O scale brass is a really unique collection from a gentleman who enjoyed kit building of both locomotives and freight cars. Highlights include a KTM Chesapeake and Ohio 2-10-4 T-1, KTM Union Pacific Big Boy, Precision Scale Southern Pacific AC-5 Cab Forward and more. Many vintage pieces of O scale rolling stock including a Walthers Hiawatha passenger set and more.

Rounding out this Monday sale is a nice selection of both pre and postwar trains. Everything from fixer up lots to some more desirable and unusual Postwar Lionel items. Highlights of this section include a 773 Hudson loco only, 746 N&W short stripe, Prewar O gauge Blue Comet cars, 610 Erie switcher with unusual raised name plate, a factory error 627 Lehigh Valley switcher, and more.

There will be something for everyone in this sale. We hope you will join us. For more information call 765-764-6901 or email

December 5th, 2014 Williamsport, IN

(click here to view online catalog and bidding) (Click here to download a PDF text only catalog listing)

Stout Auctions is proud to present another Friday filled with the great O gauge modern era trains that you have come to expect from Stout Auctions. This sale will be filled with locomotives, rolling stock, passenger sets from all major modern manufactures including Lionel, MTH, K Line, Williams, Weaver and more. This sale will also include a nice selection of O scale trains as well.

Three rail O gauge highlights from this sale will include a clean Lionel Disney set, Lionel Pennsylvania T-1 duplex, multiple sealed Century Club I and II items including M-10000, Pennsylvania Sharks, 726 Berkshire, Pennsylvania GG-1 New York Central Niagara, Empire State Hudson, and others. Also included are sealed examples of a JLC Union Pacific Challenger, sealed 700E gold plated Hudson, factory wrapped Union Pacific Big Boy, Smithsonian Dreyfuss Hudson, and many other high end locomotives and passenger sets.

Two rail O scale will also be including in this auction with multiple two rail locomotives from Atlas O, Williams, Weaver and others. There will also be a nice selection of two rail rolling stock.

Also included in this sale are G scale locomotives and sets, a selection of Railroadiana including diesel locomotive builders plates, and a nice selection of Lionel sets such as service station and promotional sets. Be sure to browse the entire catalog to see all the variety in this sale.

For more information call 765-764-6901 or email

December 6th, 2014 Williamsport, IN

(click here to view online catalog and bidding) (Click here to download a PDF text only catalog listing)

We will highlight the Saturday event with the collection of Dimitri Enonomides plus additions from several other fine collections. Dimitri's collection focuses on primarily European trains and prewar American trains.

Highlights from this collection include Marklin, gorgeous Santhion stations, Lionel, American Flyer, MTH European style locos, Kraus, Fleischmann, ETS, Hornby, Marx, Leland monorail, Paya, Meccano, Elastolin, Lehman, Grepert and Kelch, Doll, Carette, Bassett Lowke, Bub, MTH standard gauge, Leeds, Fandor, Issmayer, Elettren and others!

This collection of trains for the Saturday auction event is vastly diverse in manufactures, gauges and eras. Literally something for everyone! For more information call 765-764-6901 or email

Check out the Youtube video below for a teaser of great collection. We are also selling the show cases that encompass the train layout, they are being sold outside of the auction- they include 12 beautiful glass front, lighted cases that are darker wood stained in outstanding condition. Please contact Stout Auctions at 765-764-6901 if you are interested!

2015 Stout Auction Events::

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  • January 9th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

  • January 10th, 2015 Williamsport, IN

  • January 24th, 2015 West Middlesex, PA

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  • March 7th, 2015 West Middlesex, PA

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